Writing a good song is easy, but writing a song that gets massive attention is a process.


Hi, I'm Chris Whiting, a songwriter and producer, who operates under the moniker of #... [pronounced Hashtag Ellipsis]. I have written, produced and mixed tracks for pop, urban, folk, and singer-songwriter artists over 10 years. I have performed internationally and collaborated with artists across the world. So, I know the benefits of working as a team and I do not let geography hinder creativity. Further to this, I have a Masters in Songwriting and am currently finishing my PhD researching the practice of songwriting for popular music markets. This level of research into songwriting and the commercial field has finely honed my understanding of the structures and mechanisms that operate when crafting and releasing our music. Along with 8 years of experience as a lecturer in popular music, which saw me writing modules and foundation degrees in commercial songwriting, has taught me how to share my knowledge and experience in helping other artists grow.


Don’t Say his Name (feat. Alex Soper)

Written by Alex Soper and Chris Whiting. Produced by Chris Whiting

Pull You Away (feat. Annie Griffiths)

Written by Annie Griffiths and Chris Whiting | Produced by Chris Whiting

Mechanical Symphony - Bernii Carr

Written by Bernii Carr & Chris Whiting | Produced by Chris Whiting

The Becoming (feat. Carys Calling)

Written by Carys Ann John & Chris Whiting | Produced by Chris Whiting 


Here's what some former clients have said about working with me...

Fun, focused and innovative! His diversity to write and produce in different genres in such a unique way really helped me to push my creativity and skill sets to this next level! It is just a bloody joy to work with him.
— Zsofia Szucs, Zsofisound
For someone so creative & talented to push, believe & inspire other writers is something special. I have collaborated with Chris 3 times, each time has been better than the last. I write top-line to the incredible tracks he produces, & we communicate via email/voice notes while I’m down South. He’s thoughtful, with an eye to incredible detail and has an interest in his collaborators every thought process about each song. A real talent and pleasure to work with.
— Carys John, Carys Calling
I recently asked Chris to compose the soundtrack for a short film I made about older women and sport as part of a larger programme of activities around International Women’s Day 2018. I gave him some ideas about the style I was looking for and he just ‘got it’ straightaway and did a brilliant job.
— Prof. Karen Ross, Newcastle University